SFBA – Bringing SOCIAL back to social media!

SFBA is a regional-focused Mastodon instance that aims to serve all Bay Area communities. Our team is actively learning and expanding our capacity and policies. Our team is focused on building a scalable and reliable platform that is safe and enjoyable for as many as possible. This mission has informed our code of conduct, which may evolve as necessary.

We recommend following our announcements account @announcements@sfba.social for system notices and updates!

Welcome to the fediverse, and happy tooting!


The main service we provide is our Mastodon instance but we have some other fediverse services as well:


Please refer to our Code of Conduct for information about the rules for posting content.

For moderation requests please contact @moderators@sfba.social, @Ingurido@sfba.social, @cd24@sfba.social, @EverydayMoggie@sfba.social or @seb@sfba.social. We are following the moderation standards of mastodon.social.

SFBA.social is hosted in US – Local Laws apply!


As you might expect, the best thing you can do is to bring your best self to our community! If you’d like to give something more, financial contributions through our OpenCollective are greatly appreciated.