Role: Moderator

I spend my days writing words and painting multi-media/acrylic on birch panels, love political discussions, travel, history, architecture, and languages.

My tech start was at Apple in Newton QA, but I veered off to teach high school humanities for 20 years. I still point out bugs/errors and offer advice freely.

Here to support this fab instance by keeping things nice and people civil…


Role: Administrator, Moderator

SF United States, Civic Center resident, and an avid table-top (TTRPG) game player. I am delighted to see your pets. I spend way too much time thinking about programming languages and music theory. Proud partner of @cobaltgear 🏳️‍🌈


Role: Moderator

Despite the moniker, I am not in fact a cat on the internet,* merely an ordinary person. As a kid, I aspired to be a biochemist, but ended up doing proofreading, typography, graphic design, game QA, and assorted other jobs. These days I can be found gaming, learning random new things, reading, cooking, building PCs, and spending far too much time online. I’ve been known to write poetry and fiction.

I love online communities and want to help make this one a comfortable home for all the diverse voices we’re lucky enough to have in the Bay Area.

*A moggie is a cat of dubious ancestry. My ancestry is indeed mixed but, to the best of my knowledge, all my ancestors were human.


Role: Administrator

SRE by day, SRE at night, and some riding in between.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”


Role: Legal Advisor, Moderator

Software guy turned intellectual property lawyer. Resident of the Excelsior. I like open source and open protocols. Fighting patent trolls by day; parenting and tinkering by night.


Role: Administrator

Cyber blue team leader by day, tinkerer/hacker at night.

Designing secure systems and traveling the world is what I like.

Unfair, harsh, inconsiderate behavior is what I don’t like.